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We are in the business of sales to make our manufacturers successful and to do it better than anyone else. That can only start with a solid base which includes providing guidance and expertise to architects and end-users, as well as the distributors in our area.

We are well versed with all of our products and can take care of problems before they become a catastrophe. Whether you are a manufacturer looking for new representation, a distributor looking for quality products to sell, or an individual seeking new employment opportunities, please contact us if you would like to know more about us.

We operate an interactive network of offices strategically placed throughout the state of Ohio and we offer a wide array of products in some of the most fiercely competitive categories in the building industry.

Whether we are selling a piece of hardware, a door, or a bathroom partition, we at Buckeye Sales always meet the challenge with the same vigor and enthusiasm. When capable people work as a team, and follow a sound planning process, the desired results are achieved and often exceeded.

We are strong believers in employing a disciplined approach to planning which keeps our efforts focused on the stated goals and quotas, both short and long term, and maximizes the return on ours and our manufacturer's investments.We are proud at Buckeye Sales for our reputation of servicing what we sell. Whenever there is a problem at a job site, we are always there to help.

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